Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Tree

I am not one
I belong to my father
A man analytical views and new age thoughts
A man of great thoughts
Though few of great words
The tongue of blade
Striking when the time is right
A man of his word
A man who chose not to flight
I belong to my mother
A creative woman who's eyes look to God
Her words speak volumes
Her heart holds on far more than it can carry
An attacker at times
But continues to bury more inside
I am not my own
I was bore by my mother
And planted by my father
Their love grew me
And then grew apart
My tree is broken though many have tried to repair
I grown by the water
Hoping its healings will bless my roots
But though wet, I stay in pieces
I was not meant to be whole
At least not yet
I was born of many differences
Unable to grow together
So they grew apart
I grew with them

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